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High Energy Suet
High Energy Suet

Hi-Energy Suet Cake - 11.75 oz. Hi-Energy Suet Cakes by C and S attract a wide variety of wild birds. Works will in a suet feeder or may be placed in a nylon sack. This high energy formula is great for all types of wild birds and gives them the extra energy that they need. Also, creates less waste and mess then other suet cakes and is longer lasting. This treat will become soft and pliable at 100 Degrees. To return to normal, store at room temperature. Ingredients: Rendered beef suet, sunflower seeds, millet and cracked corn. Weight: 11.75oz. Hi-Energy Suet Cake - 11.75 oz. Additional information: Treats are soft and pliable at 100 degrees and return to normal at room temperature. Treats and delights are nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed energy. High energy is the #1 selling suet. For year-round wild bird feeding. Attracts a wider variety of wild birds. Material Composition or Ingredients (if applicable): Rendered Beef Suet, Sunflower Seeds, Millet And Cracked Corn. Weight: 11.75oz. Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 11.75 OUNCE

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